Yoga teacher training, Weekend 1, Sep 2017

What an interesting first weekend on our yoga teacher training.

I arrived at the Zen Yoga studios early Friday morning 7 am to prepare for the welcoming of 21 beautiful souls who registered for the yoga teacher training.My mother who came to support me that morning arranged the flowers in a beautiful mandala shape with  big pink lotus at the very center. We placed the tibetan bowl at the heart of the circle soon to be filled with intentions that the student set for themselves.


The helpful ZenYoga girls Cris & Helen were quick to help clean the air, floor and help set up the bolsters and mat for our students. The excitement slowly started to build up as the students arrive one by one. Most of them hadn’t checked how many participants we had in total. So they were in for a pleasant surprise as they saw the number of bolsters. To me, some were old faces, my previous students and some were new. So I was equally excited and nervous.

As time passed and everyone had settled in, I started sharp on time welcoming each and everyone on this journey that would unfold over the next 3 months. As we went around the circle, each one shared that they were nervous as well as thrilled about their enrollment on the yoga teacher training in Dubai and how convenient the weekend schedule was to some of them. We discussed our passions and I could see a supportive family being slowly formed in that sacred space.

I love to see like minded people come together and more so on a teacher training like this where we get to explore the ideas of meditation and the ego. We all gain so much from contributing towards this centric pool on a variety of topics and thats exactly what happened over those two days. Our first weekend on the yoga teacher training was inspiring and I am definitely looking forward to working well with this fresh group of budding yoga teachers.



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