Pre-natal Yoga

Yoga is already well known for its various benefits including stress relief, increasing strength and confidence, allowing the mind to be calm and composed.  So why not use these benefits to our advantage during one of the most precious times in a woman’s life – pre-natal and post-natal.

Pre-natal Yoga is slowly gaining popularity amongst women in Dubai and all around the world. The simple reason is that it gives a woman time and space to honor herself and the new creation of life within her. Pregnancy brings up a lot of changes in the body, mind and emotions. To deal with this, a well- rounded, safe and steady practise of Yoga helps tremendously.

PHYSICALLY, a woman may undergo fatigue, nausea, swelling, lower back pain amongst several other bodily changes. The yogic asanas (postures) practiced especially the standing postures help strengthen the lower body to help carry the pregnancy weight. Upper body strength will be required more so in the post natal stages. Certain postures may prove contra-indicative such as deep twists, intense backbends, lying on the abdomen, over-stretching etc. Being mindful of how the body feels and being aware of the dis-comfort will allow you to have a safe practise. A lot of rest and keeping the body well hydrated is advised.

MENTALLY, it is natural for women to experience a sense of anxiety or worry .The breath and meditative techniques help ease these feelings.

EMOTIONS are heightened due to the hormonal changes and sensitivity increases. Yoga helps bring that sense of balance.

While most women are conditioned to fear delivery and pregnancy, Yoga gives the mother-to-be the strength and confidence to embrace God’s gift of conception to her. Its help understand and acknowledge that pregnancy and delivery is phase of empowerment and a woman will emerge stronger from the experience.

Another beautiful aspect of Yoga classes being held together is the shared information. Initially, women may simply attend a class to get out of the house or to get rid of the common discomforts. They then get drawn to the community feel and the chance to connect with others going through similar experiences.

A pregnant woman is a beautiful thing, one to be admired and adored.

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