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The topic of the chakra system seems to be a popular chai tea conversation amongst a lot of people practicing Yoga and maybe even otherwise. There are plenty of chakra related activities including healing sessions, balancing therapies, chakra meditation sessions and so on. Like any esoteric topic, different people have varying view points and the discussions are wrapping and enthralling.

So lets dive into the seven layered philosophical system of the universe that appears in the ancient yogic texts and uncover their interpretation. The word chakra literally means wheel or vortex or disc. This is an energy node or point in the body at which the channels or streams carrying life force or prana meet. It is suffice to say that when we talk about the chakra system , we refer to the subtle layer of the body instead of the gross physical one. Hence the chakras cannot be seen or touched, rather they are felt through the changes that manifest in the body as dis-ease or dis-comfort.

There are many chakras in the body and the 7 major ones are as follows:-

  1. Muladhara or Root chakra
  2. Swadisthana or Sacral chakra
  3. Manipura or Navel chakra
  4. Anahata or Heart chakra
  5. Visuddha or Throat chakra
  6. Ajna or Third eye chakra
  7. Sahasrara or Crown chakra

Each chakra co-relates with the body through nerve centers and the endocrine system. So when a chakra is out of balance, deficient or excess; this manifests in that area of the body connected with that chakra through the ganglia of nerves and/or the relative endocrine gland.

Additionally, when an emotional element of ourself goes out of balance, this also affects the relative chakra , which in turn affects the relative body part. So our consciousness, the physical body and the chakra are all three intimately connected.

When a particular chakra does not function in its optimal functioning manner, it goes into deficient mode or excess mode. Usually, the deficiency mode cause a person to withdraw and enclose and stops growth therefore the personality become stagnant. On the other side, if the chakra is excess in its functioning ability, then the person starts to overachieve in order to gain validity from all others around.

So you will see the chakra system is quite the fascinating road map and gateway into ones physical body armor and our consciousness elements and emotions which dictate our behavior patterns.

I will continue to write more about the chakra over the next few weeks and we shall tread along this journey, one by one thereby giving some insight into this wondrous system leading to a wholesome fulfilling life.


Diana Azavedo

"Diana Azavedo is a Yoga enthusiast and expert, offering yoga classes in Dubai, worldwide yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in Dubai and Bali. "

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"Diana Azavedo is a Yoga enthusiast and expert, offering yoga classes in Dubai, worldwide yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in Dubai and Bali. "

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