5 reasons to do a yoga teacher training

Many students ask me if they should attend a yoga teacher training even if they do not want to become a yoga teacher. This is such a common question and I find myself on repeat mode listing so many reasons as to why one can immerse in such a program.  So iI thought I’d highlight 5 main reasons why one could take the leap and take up a yoga teacher training in Dubai or anywhere else in the world.

  1. Deepen you own yoga practice – I think this ones a bit obvious, but I’ll write about it anyway. Each day, yoga asana is practiced twice . This does not include meditation or pranayama. So think of how your own practice would improve over a period of the program.
  2. Learn alignment techniques – On every yoga course, most of the common postures or asana are broken down in terms of alignment, muscular engagements and modifications. One can use this valuable information in your own practice, especially in a vinyasa flow based class when the teacher may not have time to elaborate all the queues for alignment.
  3. Meditation practice– An excellent opportunity to notice how the mind reacts during the practice of meditation, especially since the time and place is the same. There is a routine so you can check what arises each time depending on how much you’ve slept the previous night, what you’ve eaten, what the situation in your personal/work life is. All this provides a beautiful guides into your mind and self and how these react.
  4. Learn about the philosophy of Yoga – In a training like set up, you have the time , space and the support to learn about the ancient philosophy of Yoga, and learn about the subtler topics as described in the precious yoga sutras and understand how they can be implemented in modern daily life.
  5. Last but not the least, the bringing together of a beautiful community – Some people have stayed friends for years after meeting each other on a yoga teacher training. Even though most trainings are held in certain locations with people joining from all over the world. People come as strangers and leave as great friends. With our training in Dubai, it will definitely create a beautiful community of budding and aspiring yoga teachers supporting each other.

Here’s some of the reasons apart from the obvious one of becoming a yoga teacher and changing careers. Hope this inspires you 🙂

Our upcoming Yoga teacher training this Sept is almost full 🙂 and I am so pleased. If you can’t make it to this one, we’re taking applications for the next course. Contact me on diana@radianceofyoga.com for more details.


Diana Azavedo

"Diana Azavedo is a Yoga enthusiast and expert, offering yoga classes in Dubai, worldwide yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in Dubai and Bali. "

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"Diana Azavedo is a Yoga enthusiast and expert, offering yoga classes in Dubai, worldwide yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in Dubai and Bali. "

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